Policy failure on Yucca Mountain repository has stranded >85,000 metric tons of used nuclear fuel across 75 sites in 35 states and saddled taxpayers with a ~$1B annual liability. Although labeled waste, this material represents untapped energy equivalent to ~1% of global natural gas reserves and a necessary means to resuscitating nuclear power.

Plutonium Eliminating fast reactor

It is well known that TRU can be efficiently consumed in the fast spectrum. To alleviate future stockpiling of TRU recovered from SNF, development of an integral, homogeneous, fast-neutron reactor of modular construction is critical to secure a nuclear future



The most intriguing of materials, Uranium-233 (or U-233), is key to developing reactors that can produce clean and truly sustainable energy that is 10X more resource efficient than anything we have today. As if that weren't incredible enough, U-233 also produces unique isotopes as part of its decay chain that happen to possess the right set of physical properties for use in targeted therapy of cancer. While other nations are pursuing ways to create U-233, the Department of Energy is actively in the process of destroying a globally unique American inventory due to an ill-fated decision made two decades ago.


Upon decaying, uranium-233 produces rare radioisotopes that possess the right set of physical properties to enable an incredible cancer therapy. It promises a revolution with considerably improved patient outcomes, fewer side effects, and lower costs. Today's supply can only cover a few hundred doses a year. Preserving U-233 will allow for harvesting these isotopes at regular intervals for generations to come.



Energy security is intimately tied to both economic and national security. Although greatly advanced, power plants today are fundamentally the same as those from the late 19th century and utilize limited hydrocarbon resources while polluting the environment to varying extents. Even "renewable" plants require resources which are either scarce or geographically isolated. A 21st century energy solution is needed that is clean, scalable, and reliable. Thorium reactors offer that and so much more.