the second nuclear era

At Curio™ we believe that nuclear technology is not limited to energy, it's about prosperity for all humanity. Combining a vision for nuclear waste recycling, advanced nuclear reactors and radiomedical isotopes, Curio™ is positioning itself as a leader in the field.

Our Story

The Oxford dictionary defines curio as a rare, unusual, or intriguing object. Indeed, antique lamps, Viking spears, WWII name tags, Mughal ornaments, and a wide variety of such rare objects are curios. To us, nuclear power in all its forms is indeed a curio. The atom and its various forms of fission and bi-products are the subject of intense research, concurrent with such great developments as the microchip, the laser, and of course, manned spaceflight. But nuclear suffered a different fate. It remains unfavorable and in decline. However, this nuclear legacy still holds the promise that captivated the imagination of its long-forgotten pioneers. This curio is a result of the hard work and ingenuity of our grandfathers. It promises a revolution in energy and medicine. We sincerely believe that this curio will one day be regarded as humanity's answer to the Malthusian trap. Our purpose is to  rebrand nuclear as a means of unlocking the full potential of human ingenuity and aspiration

Meet The Team

Advisory Board

Shane Johnson

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Science and Technology Innovation (DOE - NE) - Retired 2019


Joe Grimes

Chief Generation Officer, Tennessee Valley Authority

- Retired 2019


Dr. Laurence Miller

A member of the University of Tennessee Knoxville faculty since 1976. outstanding service award from the American Nuclear Society (ANS)

Burkhart Alex R 5x7 (1)_edited.jpg

Dr. Alex Burkart

Department of States Deputy Director of the Office of Nuclear Energy, Safety and Security.

-Retired 2020

Alan Brownstein

Associate Deputy Assistant Secretary in the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Nuclear Energy. Chief Operating Officer. Yucca Mountain Project


Jonathan Destler

Serial Entrepreneur, notable projects include, Opti-Harvest ($OPHV) and Loop Recycling ($LOOP)

Allan Sessoms.png

Dr. Allen Sessoms

An American physicist, diplomat, and academic administrator.


Amy Roma Esq.

Global Energy Practice Leader at Hogan Lovells. Recognized as one of the Top 10 most innovative lawyers in North America

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